Friday, September 29, 2006

Focusing on Possessors/Distributors of Child Pornography

Waging a war on the perverts who get off on possessing and/or distributing child pornography is my main focus in life. These jokers exploit children the same as if they touched them. I found out that I was married to one of these deranged disgusting individuals who, along with his slimy attorney, tried to turn the focus on me when I turned him and his filthy computer with his images of little girls (10 & younger) being raped and being sodomized by men and little boys and girls (yeah, again 10 and younger) having sex with each other. This gross individual is a former New Jersey assistant prosecutor of (guess what - sex crimes) and also a former Big Brother/Big Sister board member and its companion ECCHO (dealing with child abuse). He is also a member in good standing of Rotary International (he may even be a local president as he was president elect as of March 7, 2006 when I turned him in), while being under investigation for this deviant, illegal behavior.

Reasons he did it:
1. To hurt me (pathetic, isn't it?)
2. He was just "curious" (of pre-pubescent girls?)
3. He has low self esteem (well if he didn't before he ought to now)
4. And, as his sorry ass was on his way of being kicked out of the door whining, "I'm mentally ill."

Now y'all know why this is Beach Bitch - My World.

I'm not even sure if I am still sane but I know for sure that the folks on Absolute Zero have been and continue to be a godsend to me.

If anyone out there has any words of wisdom for me to heed, please let me know.


WM said...

Learn to forgive.


... said...

And ignore sick bastards like WM.

WM said...

Then you fail to learn.


ILuv2Surf said...

Kudos to Rookiee! As the Nike ad reads: Just do it.

Forgiveness might come from a "higher power" or a pitchfork when he meets his mate in hell.

Words of Wisdom?

Keep on doing what you're doing. You've already done a great service by reporting the scum.

ILuv2Surf said...

WM = Nigel Oldfield - a.k.a., teacher jailed 8 months for his collection of child porn.

Sues said...

Your ex is a typical pedo monster, working in children's organizations for better access to kids. A classic groomer. Good for you for seeing past his BS!

It's a sick world, but you are making a difference. Don't ever forget that. Everytime a vomit site goes down, I do a happy dance and think about the scum rotting in jail because of it.

Ty said...

Aren't you sort of angry at the people actually producing child pornography? The people acting in the movies? Or those sitting tacitly behind a camera, or renting their kids out to the people making them?

Possessing or sharing movies doesn't seem like an inherantly bad thing, it's not like everyone looking would be doing it to get their rocks off. Even those that are aren't actually doing anything literally, and the brutal reality of abuse may shock them to their senses, and they could be able to help, driven by guilt of thinking something way okay, in tracking down the makers of it.

Also, do you really want to put a bullet in my head? It's a bit much I think.